Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slash My Search

I'm so excited today...because I finally found something that might works for me to earn and income in an easy way. It's so easy you don't feel anything just like breathing. That's a good news ehh?

Well I guess you noticed the banner on top most of my blog - In case, you never heard of them well that's why I'm writing this anyway. It's no doubt that Google and Yahoo will be the most common start page for your PC...but what if you get paid just for putting up Slash My Serch as your start page? Interesting read on darling...

And that's not all you also get paid for searching using the SlashMySearch search engines. So that's what I said as easy as breathing but first of course you hafta sign-up so that they could pay you. What's next come on give yourself a try just by clicking the banner below

Click here

Further more, the results that will be produced are the best results available filtered from search engine like Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista and etc. So no more dead link or uninformative wrong link.

And this supposed to be a good news to frequent E-Bay or Amazon shoppers too. Why? SlashMySearch will filtered ads that had been misspelled or with a typo error and produce as a result of your search. Usually the search engine will dropped out this ad so most probably nobody's will look at this ad thus people won't be bidding/buying these items.

So, you'll be lucky to be able to bid without any competition...Fat chance!!! You could also win the item. Now isn't that good news or what?

Owhhh yeah told you I'm excited...I will update more as soon as I learnt more bout this search engine. And do me a favour give this a try will you?

Any comments are also welcome!


Caplondon said...

I don't know about this, so i will be watching to see how well you do!! Hope it does work great!!


David said...

I actually joined this site yesterday. Seemed promising, and I'm actually earning a decent amount ($1.88 in a days worth of searching) but after visiting the forums, I've become increasingly worried. Apparently the admins/mods have vanished, and no one can get any response to support requests or requests for payment. So. Keep that in mind as you research this.

truckingal said...

I'd like to see some evidence someone has actually gotten paid from this site. In three months, the records show I have earned $230. They also show I was paid $105. I was NOT paid! I cannot get an answer from anyone there, even though I have sent several emails. I'm thinking seriously that it's time for small claims court-I think it's a scam.

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