Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Earn money while making friends

Hi everyone,

So this is my first posting, ok...ok I post in this blog earlier but I'm just not sure the direction of this second blog of mine until few days back. Since [b][e][a][u][t][i][f][u][l] (my first blog) has become quite like my online diary where families and friends meets, so this will be my blog specifically targetted to earn me some money so that I could always be a shoppaholic...heee. (What kind of reason is that?...but it's a good enough reason for me to start).

Everyone is very much welcome to drop a comments or two...let's say the more the merrier. I will appreciate it very much.

Today let's first extend our social network...this site has been really new. Yup it's kinda like one of your Friendster and MySpace accounts but what so great about it is for every new invites that you sent out and for every member that sign up after your invitation you'll earn $9.00 through you Pay Pal account.

Sounds good? I think so...And well just let's say you don't want to earn money. Hey that's ok too you still can meet new people and make friends. Or start your own blog. In the end you got nothing to lose so what are you waiting for?

Click the banner to join Buddy9 now...
Get your network of friends extended for that money!!


MissBliss said...

I already joined in under ur membership. Did u get the USD9 already???? :)

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