Thursday, April 19, 2007

Technorati Favourite Exchange.

This is my attempt to increase traffic to this blog. I'm trying to get this blog more attention. Thus I think this is great way to be discovered. It has been quite successsful in the other blog. So here I'm submitting the other blog to participate.

The idea came from DoshDosh,who are trying to get into the top 100 of Technorati Favourites, by achieving only that she could easily expand readership of her blog. Which means ultimately more traffic. But then again this is an experiment, you might be interested if the ideas seems logical and to me it does really leads me into that way.

Another benefit that you could get by getting yourself into the top 100 Techorati favourites is it improves your social credibility. Which might be important if you're participating in affiliate programs. Advertisers will see this as gain to them that they're advertising in a blog with lotsa readers. Thus opening more opportunity for your blog if not now at least in the future...

You might wanna read more what she wrote about this experiment. So just click here.

Will it Works?

I know it sounds easy, especially at the time being you only need about 115 votes from anyone to get you into the top 100 of Techorati favaourites. Moreover, top 100 Technorati favourites simply depends on how many votes of favourites that the others fellow bloggers cast for your blog. Regardless of how many backlinks that you got in your blog which they (Technorati) used to determined your ranking.

However I personally think the contents of your blog will be the no.1 determinant, weather or not the other blogger wanna add your blog to their favaourites. The more attarctive or useful information that the blog provides for it's readers and I gues the more chances it will get easily favourited by fellow bloggers thus increasing the chance to be in the top 100 Technorati favourites.

Nevertheless, it's never wrong to try. I stressed it again, that this is after all an experiment to proof that being in the top 100 Technorati favourites will leads to more traffic to your blog. You never knew till you try it right?

How The Technorati Exchange Work?

If you're like me, who think the ideas will work then all you have to do is to add me into your Technorati favourites. Once you done that just leave me a comment stating your link and your Technorati ID so that click on the buttonI could add you as my Technorati favaourites too.

Add to Technorati Favorites

Any Chances to Lower Technorati rank?

You could like Maki said in DoshDosh make a new post in your blog and link to my post and Maki post or any other blogger post who participates in the experiment, in your posting and thus adding us into your backlinks.

You might also wanna add your own opinion so people could really learnt even more on how to create more traffic by participating in this experiment. Whatever it is please let me know about your posting and I'll put a link to your post into this post.

Which hopefully will lower your ranking in Technorati and reciprocally mine and everyone else who participated. So do your part now and I'll do mine and we'll soon see the results.

Amongst The Highest Tower & The Will Be

Guangzhou, China
Height : 514.8m
Floors : 131
Completion : 2010

Shanghai, China
Height : 421m
Floors : 88
Built : 1998

Shanghai, China
Height : 1228m
Floors : 300
Completion : 2020

Shanghai, China
Height : 492m
Floors : 101
Completion : 2007

Dubai, UAE
Height : 321m
Floors : -
Built: 1999

Dubai, UAE
Height : 705m
Floors : 160
Completion: 2008

Taipei, Taiwan
Height : 508m
Floors : 101
Built: 2004

Tokyo, Japan
Height : 600m
Floors : -
Completion: 2007

Paris, France
Height : 318m
Floors : -
Built: 1887

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Height : 452m
Floors : 88
Built: 1998

Chicago, Illinois
Height : 443m
Floors : 110
Built: 1973

WTC, Manhattan
Height : 541m
Floors : 69
Completion: 2010

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Sexiest Advertisement

Women Remote Control?

Think Twice...


Guess What?


Calvin Klein

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cute Car : Honda Life

It's even cheaper than a Kancil?!!
True ehhh?

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